On May 14 at Virginia Beach, two international students studying in the US were hit by a car and badly injured.

The two international students Veronica Cabal and Michaela Pavico, had only moved to the US in March.

Cabal suffered binternational studentsrain injuries in the accident and nearly died. Pavico injured her legs and ankle.

Both international students are now in wheelchairs, and have a long to recovery ahead which will involve extensive medical treatment and physical therapy.

Cabal does not know when she will walk again:

I can’t even walk. I can’t even move my legs.”

Both students say that they are lucky to be alive, but they are struggling to cope with impact of what has happened to them.

The local Filipino community has rallied behind the two young international students and is helping them and their visiting families with a place to live.

The driver of the car that allegedly hit the two is Andrea Dejesus.  When pulled over by

international studentspolice it’s claimed she had a blood alcohol level of .26 and was driving 10 miles per hour over the speed limit. She was charged with DUI and two counts of maiming.

The first court hearing date is in mid-July. Both students say they want justice and will testify. Cabal said:

She must be responsible for what happened to me, for what happened to us. I want her to accept responsibility for us”






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