A group of seven international students in New Zealand are now living in constant fear after two men armed with knives broke into their South Auckland home and robbed them during the night of 8 July.

One of the offenders entered through a window, and then made one of the students open the door for the second man.

The offenders stayed in the house for over 30 minutes, threatening the students with knives and finding valuable items to steal.  They made off with about NZ$20,000 worth of property, including laptops, phones, clothes and shoes.

Of the seven international students living in the house, only four were woken by the intruders.  The other three students slept through the incident.


international students
Three of the students who were attacked in their home


All the students have been traumatized by the attack, and they have taken to sleeping in one room together each night. One of the students, Jasgit Singh explained how he and his friends are feeling:

We have been living in fear since Saturday night.

We are too scared as we do not know when another armed intruder might appear inside our property.

As soon as night sets in we huddle together in one bedroom as everyone is too scared.

It’s no surprise that some of the parents of the students are worried for their children’s safety and want them to return to India.

The students called police as soon as the intruders left, and a police car was on the scene within five minutes.

Police investigations are ongoing.