Too many international students in Australia are drowning

international students in australia

Sydney, Australia is famous for its beaches.

It’s also a popular destination for international students who go to Australia to study.

International students in Australia naturally want to experience the ‘beach lifestyle’ that is so much a part of the Sydney and Australian way of life.

A day at the beach should be fun, but it can be dangerous when international students who can’t swim well, or who can’t swim at all, try to swim in the surf.

Between December 2016 and February 2017 42 people drowned in New South Wales. Five of those were international students – over 10%. Four were Nepalese international students.

Sanskriti K C from Nepal lost two international student friends who were swept off rocks to their deaths at Sydney’s Maroubra beach in February.


International students in australia

Sanskriti K C from Nepal lost two friends in February. (Source: ABC)

Australia’s Council for International Students says more needs to be done, and that the Federal Government should implement a national plan to educate international students in Australia about water and swimming safety.

In March an international student from Pakistan died when he and a friend were swept off rocks at a beach near Newcastle, north of Sydney.  The sad story is covered in this news report:

Australian Universities promote beach safety

Most Australian universities provide information on water and beach safety for international students in Australia.

Here are some examples.

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